Our Products

High construction standards at a very competitive price.

Gears are developed and especially designed to operate rotating and linear motion on-off valves, with rising and non rising stem, and sluice gates. Precise design and accurate selection of materials and components ensures maximum performance and durability.

The Carbon Steel gear body and the bronze nut grant a longer durability and a minimization of corrosion and abrasion process.

Our Gearboxes are suitable for manual and motorized applications and are designed accordingly to our customers requirements and needs. The standard range satisfy all required Reductions, ratio, torques and thrusts up to maximum torques of 250.000Nm. Special designs can be developed and realized accordingly to customer requirements.


  • is suitable for all type and size of valves
  • can be fully customisation and tailor made upon customer request
  • is designed for actuation of quarter and multi turn valves
  • is including special and advanced solution for extreme and hazardous environments such as subsea.


  • Bewel gears for multiturn valves manual and to motorize
  • Bewel gears for slice gate handling, manual and to motorize
  • Bewel gears with cylindrical reducer, single or double input
  • Bewel gears with vertical conversion at 90°
  • Worm gears for quarter turn manual and to motorize
  • Planetary worm gears with high ratio
  • Spur gears, manual and to motorize
  • Pneumatic and electric actuators with electrical control unit
  • Special accessories like handwheel and stem protection and position road
  • Custom handwheel extensions with special bracket